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Pocket Coil Plus Mattress

Our supportive Pocket Coil Plus Mattress is a perfect fit for your futon furniture. Its comfortable pocketed spring design folds easily so its at home in either bed or sofa positions. That means no more karate-chopping your mattress into place. The microfiber fabric looks great on its own, or sprinkle your own style with a mattress cover.Shown... read more

Seaside Mattress

She sells sea shells by the Seaside. Granted, a poor adaption of a good tongue twister, but not a bad tag-line for a comfortable and wonderfully inexpensive mattress we call Seaside. Available pre-covered in microfiber fabrics, this spring-coil mattress is hard to beat. Comes tightly packed in its own duffle bag! Getting it back in its duffle... read more